ASDAN:  Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network

The ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) Youth Award Scheme, provides a structured, modular approach to learning and has been running successfully in the UK for 15 years prior to its introduction in New Zealand.  Over 80 schools in New Zealand have now registered with ASDAN.

Modules include: Personal Safety, Using a Camera, Horticulture, Using a Computer, Independent Living, Performing Arts, Preparing meals, Using Transport, Work Awareness, Out in the Community and the list goes on. These modules can be achieved independently or with different levels of support.

We have registered Sir Keith Park School to provide and deliver ASDAN programmes and will use modules of work from the TOWARDS INDEPENDENCE and TRANSITION CHALLENGE programmes with  our senior school students (aged 16 – 21years).

Visit the ASDAN website :


SPEC:    South Pacific Educational Courses   


South Pacific Educational Courses - is the New Zealand version of ASDAN.


SPEC courses have been written by N.Z. teachers to support the National Curriculum, and the development of Key Competencies.


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The individual modules are categorised into areas :

  • Life Skills
  • Environment
  • Leisure
  • Sensory
  • Vocational 

Each module contains four sections.  

There is a minimum requirement for students/clients to complete ONE task from each of the sections in each module.

Module titles are similar to ASDAN.

We have registered Sir Keith Park School to provide and deliver SPEC  Headway programmes to  our senior school students (aged 16 – 21years).

Visit the SPEC website :