Sir Keith Park School has 2 Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI) trainers on our staff. This on site expertise allows us to introduce a holistic behaviour support programme to our entire staff as part of in service training.


Non-Violent Crisis Intervention:

  • is a holistic behaviour management system based on the philosophy of providing the best Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security for staff and students.
  • focuses on preventing disruptive behaviour by communicating with individuals respectfully and with concern for their well-being.
  •  incorporates follow-up debriefing strategies so that communication is restored, problem behaviour can be prevented, and patterns of problem behaviour can be altered
  • involves training in positive handling strategies through a whole setting holistic approach to managing difficult, disturbing, & sometimes dangerous behaviour.
  • teaches physical interventions only as a last resort - when an individual presents an imminent danger to self or others - and all physical interventions taught are designed to be non-harmful, non-invasive, and to maintain the individual’s dignity


The Crisis Prevention Institute is the largest provider of training for mainstream, special, child and increasingly adult services in the USA, and its foundation programme – NVCI – is recognised worldwide as the international standard for crisis prevention and intervention.


All staff at Sir Keith Park School undertake the 12 hour basic training programme and are supported by ongoing refreshers, practice sessions and further specific training as required.


Individual programmes are developed by our transdisciplinary behaviour management team.


Visit the NVCI website :  www.crisisprevention.com